CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

CCTV Security Systems

Aerials & more can offer enhanced security systems for your home and business, book an on site visit to discuss your requirements and we will survey and advise.

We use HIK VISION systems, because they have a vast amount of products to suit any situation.

We choose just one manufacturer so we can know the product inside out, offering you the best knowledge and tutorials.

Security systems have many uses and features, we often find once a customer has one installed, they never want to be without it, CCTV offers complete peace of mind especially when  notifications are sent to your phone based on your own requirements such as when to be notified.

Some features would include, Human and Vehicle detection (when playing back footage it will only show humans, or vehicles or both) speeding up the process of finding the footage you want.

Many other features are available and we suggest you book an on site visit with Aerials & more to discuss.