WIFI & Networking

WIFI & Networking


if you have a WIFI 'Not Spots' in parts of your home or need WIFI in the Garden outbuilding we can help, a Data cable is the best way to transfer internet signals between your main router to the affected areas, we can install the cable and use secondary WIFI access points to give you the best coverage. The problem with the Homeplug type adaptors that are commonly used and sold by the millions is that they either use an already weak WIFI signal and attepmt to boost that or the other type is using your home electrical wiring system, the problem with both of these is thery pick up interference along the way, causing more noise into the signal, our method works best as it travels through dedicated cable without any other source of interference.

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Home networking

Todays technology requires that our cabling infastructure keeps up with the modern demands of new equipment, ethernet cables such as Cat5 or Cat6 can have a variety of uses, such a spreading good wireless in any part of the house or building as well as sending Audio and Visual including HDMI.

The heart of a truly modern home relies on this type of cable infastructure, its always advised to keep as many devices off WIFI if possible, you cant help iPads and phones & laptops but we would always recommend wiring any room you will using an online device in, like smart tvs and Soundbars, Sonos etc, they all eat up your WIFI bandwidth!

We can help plan, design and install systems to your requirement. as well as all your other TV services.