Communal work

Communal work

Communal Systems

The preferred system these days is the I.R.S system; this caters for all the services that might be required in todays modern world.

To date this includes Sky + Hd, Freesat, Freeview, Dab & Fm radio and Foreign channels if requested, also a CCTV system can also be implemented within the same system. The benefit of this system is just 1 dish and aerial for each service, this means all the unsightly mini-dishes and old aerials can be removed to tidy up the look of the building. New cabling is almost certainly needed with such a system but our discreet installation techniques will ensure the aesthetics of the building remain.


If all these services are not required then a MATV or SMATV system should suffice, this is basically an Aerial or Satellite system but can come in many formats so would advise contacting us with your requirements.

Fibre optic technology is also used for systems but normally on larger jobs, savings can be made over the high cost of long coax runs and amplifiers and is a neater alternative too.

When installing systems we are considerate to the tenants and owners, we plan the job to minimise the access time needed in every apartment. Most times only needing to access each apartment twice, each lasting 5 minutes or so.

We install to a high standard and only use the best materials that are guaranteed to last for many years to come.

Please contact us with your requirements and arrange a free site survey.